Koh Samed Wedding Destination

The new destination in eastern Thailand. Koh Samed is located in the Phe District of Rayong, is known as an Island Paradise of Thailand. The island offers a tranquil atmosphere combining with the white sandy beaches and crystalline clear sea-water

Koh Same Buddhist BlessingBuddhist Blessing
Koh Samed Secular Wedding
Samed Beach Wedding
Samed Beach Symbolic Wedding

If you are planning to get married or renew and you are worried about the cost of a large event to which all your relatives must be invited, or if you are already married and wish to crown your honeymoon with a very special memory, let's us arrange you full details of a wedding so special that you can telling your grandchildren about it on the day of your Koh Samed Wedding Package.

Samed Wedding Package
Ring Exchange
Samed Wedding Beach Style
Sand Ceremony
Samed Wedding Package
Symbolic Marriage
Samed Western Wedding Package
Western Non Religious

The perfect setting to realize the dream of your own island "beach" sunset wedding and honeymoon with Thailand’s leading specialists in romantic beach wedding.

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